Thesis – Transmission systems for the grid connection of offshore wind farms

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Thesis – Transmission systems for the grid connection of offshore wind farms

Thesis – Transmission systems for the grid connection of offshore wind farms

Power Climate Smarter living – that’s our purpose. We are looking for the brightest students to make this happen. Together you will contribute to a fossil free future. You will have a unique position to contribute to our purpose. All we ask from you is to use your Superpowers and share your energy to help us achieve our goal.

About the thesis

• Summary department information: Vattenfall´s Research and Development portfolio Wind is providing products and services for the next wind farm generation. The portfolio is looking for students eager to execute a wind farm related M.Sc. thesis project.

• Thesis subject / assignment – The selection between HVAC and HVDC transmission system in the design of offshore wind farms has a significant impact on the business profitability. Economical and technical studies have been done in the past when offshore wind farms received subsidies and the HVDC equipment cost was very high. Now the financing schemes are tightened as well as equipment costs for offshore wind farms are lower. A review and re-visit of the calculation is necessary for increasing the profitability.

• The goal is to identify the technical and economical key parameters that impact in the decisions between HVAC and HVDC transmission system alternatives. This identification will be supported by using the EeFarm tool which calculates the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) and Net Present Value (NPE) of the defined system.

• This assignment is for 1 or 2 students

Your profile

We are looking for [student/students] to join our journey towards a fossil free future. You are soon to be graduated from your academic studies. You also identify yourself with our principles: active, open, positive and safe.

• Education – We are looking for students with structure and passion for the electrical and economic engineering.

• Scope – (15 / 30hp / other)

• Mandatory English and desirable Swedish

More information

• Start of assignment: by agreement

• Location: Vattenfall office at Solna

• Application – a combined document with your CV and cover letter, and grades are to be submitted in the application.

• Deadline for application is 2020-05-31.

• Contact person and supervisor at Vattenfall is: ying.he@vattenfall.com & lara.perezandres@vattenfall.com, Ying He & Lara Pérez Andrés

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About Vattenfall

We have been electrifying industries, powering homes and transforming life through innovation and collaboration for more than 100 years. Empowered by our goal, we are determined to enable fossil free living within one generation. To succeed we, as one of Europe’s leading energy companies, must be fossil-free ourselves.

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Since Vattenfall is a part of the Swedish critical infrastructure, many of our services are security classed. If this position is security classed the final candidates might be subjected to a security vetting process, according to the Swedish legislation.

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Thesis – Transmission systems for the grid connection of offshore wind farms

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