Studsvik offers a range of advanced technical services to the global nuclear power industry. Studsvik's business focus areas are fuel and materials technology, reactor analysis software and technical platforms for handling, conditioning and volume reduction of radioactive waste. The company has over 70 years nuclear technology and radiological service experience. Studsvik has 525 employees in 7 countries and the company's shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.

Studsvik is the world's only privately-owned laboratory for highly radioactive materials. At Studsvik, we test and analyze nuclear fuel, reactor components and structural materials irradiated and activated in nuclear power reactors around the world. We also design and build specialized equipment to perform tests in simulated nuclear reactor environments and we have recently launched new services related to isotope management for medical use.

Typical projects can range in scope from nuclear power plant life extension and final disposal of radioactive waste, to the evaluation and qualification of new materials. The material investigations and experiments are carried out in our two world-leading Hot cell laboratories, where we continuously develop and enhance our advanced testing methods. We are also world leading within transport of nuclear material enabling a world-wide customer base. Internationally, we are at the cutting edge of nuclear materials research and development, and we seek to grow to meet customer needs and requirements.

As a Specialist/Senior Specialist in Nuclear Fuel and Fuel Chemistry you will work with issues related to nuclear reactor operations and back-end solutions to meet the needs of customers seeking to optimize fuel performance and safely store and/or dispose of spent fuel. You will be part of a team of specialists where the keys to success are cooperation, personal commitment, and a structured approach to meeting objectives and exceeding expectations.

Your primary tasks as a Specialist/Senior Specialist is to contribute with expertise in our customer projects (e.g. by designing experiments and tests, write and/or review results, reports and publications and performing literature studies), contribute in sales and marketing of Studsvik’s products and services and lead method development within the area of expertise. You will also work with internal knowledge development and knowledge transfer.

As a Specialist/Senior Specialist, you will work in close contact with our customers and represent Studsvik to customers and other stakeholders. You will work closely with colleagues within the business unit to ensure successfully executed projects and growth of our business. To succeed in this role, it is important to be clear, proactive, supportive and a team player.

We are looking for an engaged and talented person with a genuine interest in nuclear fuel performance and reactor technology. A PhD or master's degree in nuclear engineering or related subjects is a requirement as well as at least three years documented experience in the field of nuclear technology oriented at nuclear fuel performance. Fluency in English, written and spoken, is a requirement, fluency in Swedish is highly meriting.

The ideal candidate should have solid experience in engineering within the nuclear industry and good understanding of test systems on the laboratory scale. Well documented experience in nuclear fuel performance, post-irradation examination and/or nuclear fuel back-end systems are highly meriting.

Why work at Studsvik? At Studsvik, each employee's efforts contribute strongly to the company's goals and delivery to customers. The work is flexible and independent, and we are committed to harnessing your unique skills and ideas.

Studsvik has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and at the Studsvik site outside Nyköping. The location for this position will be agreed during the recruitment process.

Union representatives:

For Sveriges Ingenjörer: Jitka Zakova Tfn 0155-22 11 88 jitka.zakova@studsvik.com

For Unionen: Juha Pellikka Tfn 0155-22 16 34 juha.pellikka@studsvik.com

In this recruitment we co-operate with ProAstri. For further details, please contact Kristina Ohlson, tel 070 – 896 17 36.

Closing date for this position is September 27, 2020, applications are continuously evaluated.




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