Semiconductor Process Engineer for IRnova

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Semiconductor Process Engineer for IRnova

Your new position:
The role of the Process Engineer will focus on industrializing IRnova’s existing and new products. This role will stretch from the development of next generation infrared photodetectors to supporting the continuously growing production line of IRnova.

You will become part of IRnova’s highly experienced team of Process Engineers. The position will offer you a dynamic and challenging environment that will present numerous opportunities to discover your potential through training and development.

Typical duties/responsibilities will include (but not limited to):

  • Actively take part in development of new products

  • Perform prototyping of new products (manufacturing to characterization)

  • Develop new processes and coordinate technology transfer to the production team

  • Perform production process analysis, to maintain, improve and industrialize production

  • Provide technical expertise and supervision to the production team

  • Effectively communicate to resolve the routine problems encounter by the production team

  • Learn and develop new technical skill and educate others in the team

Complexity of the Assignments:
Tasks will require knowledge of basic scientific concepts and their expert implementation in job related technologies.

Preferred Technical Qualifications:
Experience with different dry-etching tools (RIE, ICP, RIBE), plasma deposition tools, lithography (stepper experience is an advantage), electrical characterization (I-V, C-V), Measurement analysis using MATLAB or other software.

The position requires a deep observer who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to rationalize them in a time bound manner and consistently strives to boost the productivity of everybody around. 

Your application 
Very welcome with your application! In this recruitment, IRnova collaborates with Thalamus. Please contact Camilla Molander at 070-307 12 50 or Sanja Kolar at 070-860 82 52 with your questions. 

 We will read applications continuously and the position may be filled before last day of application, so please send us your application today. Last day to apply is 2021-10-15.  

Your future Employer:
IRnova is part of a handful companies in the world capable of producing thermal infrared detectors. Our history started in the 80’s, when Swedish QWIP research founders set our lab as the leading world supplier of QWIP infrared detectors, mainly serving defense sector at that time. Following up on promising new materials and emerging commercial applications for infrared detectors, IRnova set new private equities onboard and pioneered T2SL detector production to embrace an exciting growth plan, following-up T2SL detector market demand.

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Semiconductor Process Engineer for IRnova

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