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Master thesis at Husqvarna, Power & Drive Systems



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Master thesis at Husqvarna, Power & Drive Systems

Developing an oxidation catalyst for high HC emissions in a lean exhaust stream for a stratified charge 2-stroke chainsaw engines. 

About us 

Husqvarna Group is a global leading producer of outdoor power products and innovative solutions for forest, park and garden care. Products include chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers and ride-on lawn mowers. 

Husqvarna has introduced a sustainability initiative with the aim to decouple our business growth from our carbon footprint. To make Husqvarna’s Forest and Garden products more sustainable it is important to decrease their HC and CO emissions. This will improve the work environment for the user and at the same time facilitate possibilities to use more renewable fuels and thereby reduce the carbon footprint of the products. One way to accomplish this could be to use an oxidation catalyst on the product. Today extremely few handheld forest and garden products are equipped with catalysts.  

Husqvarna engines already have an advanced, stratified, gas exchange process where the exhaust gases are pushed out by pure air before the fresh combustible charge enters the cylinder. This stratified gas exchange process improves the efficiency and emissions significantly. However, the engine out HC emissions are still very high (approx. 6000 ppm) and due to the scavenging concept these high HC emissions exists in a globally lean fuel air ratio. This creates challenges, if a catalytic converter would be used. 

About the project 

In this project a catalyst should be developed and tested for this type of application. The catalyst should be developed to cope with the high concentrations of HC emissions, very high temperatures and dirty engine emissions containing 2-stroke oils. This efficient and robust catalytic system cannot be too expensive either. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if the catalyst is especially efficient for aldehydes. 

The project will start with a literature study to find interesting catalytic concepts that could fulfil the aim. Catalysts will then be developed and characterized and tested in the lab at Chalmers. 

The intention is that a sister project will start simultaneously where a 1-D model of the engine and catalyst will be developed. From the modelling project information regarding air fuel ratio, emissions, flow and temperature will feed into the catalyst tests and in the opposite direction information regarding the catalyst will feed into the modelling project to make model more accurate. 

At the end of the thesis, the goal is to have a function catalyst and suggestions on how the catalyst should be designed based on the tradeoff between efficiency, robustness and price. 


The work will be divided between Chalmers in Göteborg and Husqvarna in Jonsered. 

How to apply     

Please send in your application with CV and cover letter no later than April 2nd.   

Due to GDPR, we do not accept applications by email.    

  For questions regarding the thesis project please contact:  Niklas Enander Husqvarna, niklas.enander@husqvarnagroup.com  

Prof. Louise Olsson Chalmers, louise.olsson@chalmers.se   

  Read about Husqvarna Group here:    


Last date to apply:

02 April 2023

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Master thesis at Husqvarna, Power & Drive Systems

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