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Gird-Scale Storage Systems/Synchronous Condensers Placement in Modern Power Systems- Thesis, R&D

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Gird-Scale Storage Systems/Synchronous Condensers Placement in Modern Power Systems- Thesis, R&D

Power Climate Smarter living – that’s our purpose. We are looking for the brightest students to make this happen. Together you will contribute to a fossil free future. You will have a unique position to contribute to our purpose. All we ask from you is to use your Superpowers and share your energy to help us achieve our goal.
About the thesis

• Summary department information: The unit Power Technology at Vattenfall R&D delivers competence within the power system, i.e., power system analysis and knowledge about the system’s static and dynamic, as well as knowledge about its components and communication with substations. The work is often done through simulations to find characteristics for parameters such as electrical faults, over-voltages, harmonics, dimensioning of components etc. at different voltage levels of the power system.
• Thesis subject / assignment


The ongoing development plans for the power systems involve the decommission of conventional power plants, deployment of inverter-interfaced renewable energy sources and HVDC links installations, overall stressing power system stability. More specifically, frequency and rotor-angle stability will be more vulnerable to perturbations due to the increased intermittency and decreased inertia stored in power systems. Different plans have been/are being adopted towards a more stable future power system. One of them is supporting the inertia by the deployment of synchronous condensers, other is by installing grid-scale storage systems (i.e., batteries) with the capability of a fast frequency response following an imbalance occurrence between generation and consumption.
Scope of the thesis
First, to explore the effect of changing the deployment location of a fast response energy storage (i.e., batteries) /synchronous condensers on both frequency and rotor-angle stability. Second, to tune the control parameters of these systems and to study the corresponding effects of damping the electromechanical oscillations. Third, optimization of deployment locations of these systems (synchronous condensers may be considered during this process). This will be conducted following specific scenarios of disturbance location, size and inertia distribution of the system. The synchronous condenser also has an influence on the system’s voltage stability which can be of importance for a successful outcome of the study of the thesis.
Thesis goal / purpose

The study is to be applied on two different power system models, a small model and a larger more realistic model (e.g., Nordic 32). Small model simulations will help understanding the dynamic response and to plan for the studies of the bigger system. The followings are general purposes and targets of this study. They are subject to modifications based on the student’s preferences:
– Study the frequency response and rotor-angle stability.

– Development of a fast frequency response controller for a battery

– Analysis of the battery/synchronous condenser effects in frequency and rotor-angle stability

– Study of damping characteristics via modal analysis.

– Optimal placement and/or sizing of the FFR batteries and synchronous condensers.
The outcome of this study will improve our understanding of the important aspects of power system’s stability, and how could the location and proper parameters tuning of a storage system play a role in supporting both frequency and rotor-angle stability. Accordingly, appropriate plans can be set to ensure safe operation of the power systems.

• This assignment is for 1 student.
Your profile

We are looking for a student to join our journey towards a fossil free future. You are soon to be graduated from your academic studies. You also identify yourself with our principles: active, open, positive and safe.
Education: The ideal candidate is expected not only to have a good background in power systems dynamics (i.e. frequency and rotor-angle stability), knowledge in storage systems characteristics, but also has the passion towards learning new aspects in this field of study. We are looking for organized students with interest in electrical engineering and power systems analysis. Being familiar with simulation tools like PowerFactory or similar software is a merit. The thesis work is expected to start in January 2022 and finish June 2022, and it will be reimbursed with a settlement depending on the quality of the work at the end of the duration.
• Scope – (30hp)

• Required language skill: Fluent English.
More information

• Start of assignment: by agreement

• Location: Solna offices – Stockholm, Sweden with flexibility to work remotely.

• Application – a combined document with your CV and cover letter, and grades are to be submitted in the application. The letter should focus on highlighting your background, skills and motivation along with your overall reflection and preliminary plans about this thesis.

• Deadline for application is 2021-11-30.

• Contact person and supervisor at Vattenfall is: Bashar Alahmad (bashar.alahmad@vattenfall.com), (+46 – 732439836) or Daniel Vázquez Pombo (danielvazquez.pombo@vattenfall.com, +45 28184000).
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Since Vattenfall is a part of the Swedish critical infrastructure, many of our services are security classed. If this position is security classed the final candidates might be subjected to a security vetting process, according to the Swedish legislation.

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Gird-Scale Storage Systems/Synchronous Condensers Placement in Modern Power Systems- Thesis, R&D

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