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Charging Infrastructure Need Along the Swedish Roads, Thesis

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Charging Infrastructure Need Along the Swedish Roads, Thesis

About the thesis

One of the largest transformations we will experience in the coming years will be the electrification of transportation and industry sectors. The transportation sector and especially road traffic, will undergo rapid decarbonisation via clean and efficient electrical drive trains. Already we see electric vehicles coming at speed. To enable the transition, it is imperative that the necessary infrastructure is implemented. However, that is not always the case.
Along the Swedish roads, predominantly in the northern parts, the coverage and availability of charging infrastructure is often poor thus making it hard to travel with a full electric vehicle. The area also sees significant seasonal variation in traffic, which produces occasionally very high demands on the infrastructure. We at Vattenfall R&D are interested in learning more about the potential gap between the charging infrastructure and the customer demand with the scope until 2030 and how this gap can be eased. This proposal has a closely related Master thesis ‘Opportunities for Batteries at Fast Charging Nodes in Sweden’.
Scope: What to do

• Map the way ahead to meet Sweden’s climate objectives regarding current traffic models, by involving selected stakeholder perspectives.

• Develop a heatmap of nodes where utilisation of charging-hubs could be of interest through combination of electric vehicle forecasts, socio-economic data, traffic data and models until 2030 (Inventory of structure & analyse geospatial & temporal data supporting the resolution of transport flows & related transport infrastructure).

• Forecast power and energy demand at the identified nodes until 2030.

• Map existing charging infrastructure capacity including public fast charging network and expected network development against above identified transport flows (including seasonality) to highlight any deficiencies in charging capacity/ throughput.

• Pursue the collected insights in this assignment with the perspective of delivering a whitepaper.

• It is recommended that the study focuses on Norrland and Svealand (electrical price areas SE1 + SE2).
Your profile
We are looking for student to join our journey towards a fossil free future. You are soon to be graduated from your academic studies. You also identify yourself with our principles: active, open, positive and safe.  
• Education – education in engineering, preferably in energy and environment, or industrial economics.

• Scope – Master’s thesis 30hp (20 weeks).

• Required language skills: Swedish & English.
  More information 
• Start of assignment: January 24th or by agreement.

• Location: Stockholm or Älvkarleby.

• Application – a combined document with your CV and cover letter, and grades are to be submitted in the application.

• Deadline for application is 2022-01-1
•Contact person: Christian Gruffman, Role: Head of R&D E-Mobility Programme, M: +46 706108807, Christian.gruffman@vattenfall.com  Diversity & inclusion – in everything we do
At Vattenfall we build on the fact that diverse teams can outperform homogeneous teams. But we can only unleash and leverage the power of diversity, if we make everybody feel included. Read more about our important work on diversity & inclusion  https://careers.vattenfall.com/about-us/diversity-and-inclusion/
About Vattenfall

We have been electrifying industries, powering homes, and transforming life through innovation and collaboration for more than 100 years. Empowered by our goal, we are determined to enable fossil free living within one generation. To succeed we, as one of Europe’s leading energy companies, must be fossil-free ourselves.
But that’s not enough. That’s why we are looking beyond our own industry, to see where we can really make a difference.
Join us on our journey towards a fossil-free life within one generation.

Want to learn more about what we do? Visit https://group.vattenfall.com/

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Charging Infrastructure Need Along the Swedish Roads, Thesis

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